Consumer Porous Plastics

M.A. Industries Consumer Porous Plastics – The unique structure and performance of porous plastics combined with the filtering properties of activated carbons provide for unique filtration capabilities that are being employed for water filters around the world.
The wicking properties of certain porous plastics allow them to be used in solid state dispensing systems. Typical consumer applications are portable water bottle filters and fragrance dispensers.
Primary resin systems used are polypropylene and polyethylene in pore sizes ranging from 10 -350 um with pore volumes from 30 -70%. Our Cyrogenic Resin Grinding capability allows us to tailor resins and particle sizes to meet customer requirements.
Manufacturing – We are an ISO Certified 9001-2015 state of the art manufacturing facility, with over 25 years of porous plastics processing capabilities, allowing us to handle your production requirements from 1,000 to 10 million parts. We are committed to the Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing Continuous Improvement Process.
Concept to Production Part – Our experienced engineering department with CAD, CAM capabilities can take your project from concept stage through high volume production. We have in-house our prototype and production mold making capability that allows us to turn around prototype parts in days not weeks with the capability to quickly scale to production tooling, streamlining the process from Art to Part.
Customer Service – Our dedicated Porous Plastics Customer Service staff has extensive experience in maintaining a strong partnership with our customers in over 33 countries around the world.
Typical Application

  • Water and Gas purification filters
  • Fragrance Wicks
  • Fluid Delivery Systems

Consumer Porous Plastics
Consumer Porous Plastics

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